023: Creative Expression with Kevin Mirsky

Creative Expression with Kevin Mirsky

Can you remember when you were a little kid thinking about what you wanted to be when you grew up? A doctor, lawyer, fireman/woman, whatever that might be. I even knew a boy when I was little who wanted to be a robber. He is not a robber by the way now but isn’t it funny to look back at what you imagined and were so thrilled at the possibility of back then…

Are you still thrilled at possibilities in your life? Or do you get stuck sometimes like we all do?

My conversation with our guest this week will wake up your curiosity and child like wonder. He’s been leading 2 lives and up until the last few years, his other life was a fun hobby and an outlet for releasing the stress of the day.

Come hang out with us and I promise you insights, laughs, and maybe even some new possibilities you want to explore in your life. Kevin Mirsky is a Marin County native who grew up on the side of Mt. Tamalpais in an A-frame house. As a young boy he entertained himself by drawing, picking blackberries, and getting lost. Oh to get lost in the woods again like when I was little and imagine stories of who came before me and what were they doing and why.

Kevin shares his experience of real life experiences of fatherhood, being a businessman, husband, surfer, and how & why he birthed his creative talents as an illustrator publicly in his 40’s. If you’re in a space of change in your life and wondering can this ever happen in your life, join our conversation. Come see what resonates for you, and what may serve you in making a change in your life you thought would need to wait for, you know, that “I’ll do that when” – because maybe you can have it all right now.

Kevin proclaims himself as the artistic version of “slow food” and his work has been described as wry, witty, somber, introspective, warm, clever, and charming. I actually purchased my first Kevin Mirsky – I’ll show you the pic @camdenhoch so come check it out. Join us, leave comments, and be sure to share with those other creators who may be holding back for that “some day” or need a little nudge to start now. It’s never too late to get creative.

In this episode:

  • The story behind Kevin’s illustration business name, Single Fin Theory – what is it?
  • How to get lost in your creative outlet a little bit each day if it’s not your main “bread winning” job.
  • How to wonder as an adult.
  • How to open up more to your creative self.



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  1. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Rad podcast! Such an amazing platform to capture raw and truthful dialogue with talented creatives. When I was first introduced to Mirsky’s art, I was super intrigued and captivated by the subject and deeper dispositions. As I learned more about Mirsky’s background, I found that I can completely identify as I live a similar life. Anyhow, nice work! Really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Aloha \m/


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