027: Personal Evolution with Ed Roberson

Personal Evolution with Ed Roberson

Have you ever had a chance meeting with someone and you instantly connected?

Your conversation off the get go had a familiarity and curiosity that had you wanting to know more stories, vision, and passions of the person you were hanging out with. This was my conversation with my guest on this week’s episode.

We met through a comment he made about my interview with my guest Kevin Mirsky on episode #023. He took the time to share his kind opinion about Kevin’s interview and my interviewer skills. You know when someone takes the time to do something like that, it means a lot, especially in a world where people are always “busy”. You know what I mean?

My guest this week, Ed Roberson, is the founder & host of Mountain & Prairie Podcast, the Conservation Director at Palmer Land Trust, and is a devoted dad to 2 little girls 4 and 1 years old and husband to Kim. His personal evolution is full of many adventures beginning with growing up with a supportive family in the South (near my neck of the woods where I grew up); wilderness education at KNOLS in his 20’s; running 50 and 100-mile ultramarathons through the western backcountry; climbing numerous 14er’s, Denali, and Aconcagua; plus earning a BA and MBA with a concentration in finance at Wake Forest University.

I want you to listen for yourself and see what wisdom moments speak to you. Ed is a man that listens to his heart and goes for living full out. He’s committed, curious, and passionate about being an adventurer in every part of his life. He’s our people and I know you’re going to love Ed just like I do. There is no surface conversation here. As a matter of fact, we both agreed we aren’t into surface conversation, we want the real art of conversation and that’s what we had. I have a feeling we’ll talk again because there’s just so much more and I really want to meet his wife, Kim. I love how they met (which you’ll hear about) and he credits her with inspiring him on his personal evolution.

Take us along with you today and share in our conversation and be sure to share your questions, comments, or pass along to a friend who’s going through their own personal evolution.

In this episode:

  • You’ll find inspiration to commit to your personal evolution staying committed to follow through and figure out the solution.
  • Learn how Ed’s podcast Mountain & Prairie came into being, what it’s opened up for him, and his dream guest.
  • Ed’s passion for land conservation and how you can get involved in your area to help keep these areas wide open, spacious, and beautiful for our enjoyment and the continued growth of nature.
  • Where you thought you were going in life didn’t quite turn out that way and what came up instead – how to pursue it wholeheartedly and be the innovator of your own life.
  • Enjoying your personal evolution and choosing to stay the course even if it’s hard at times and knowing that this element of hard may be just what is needed in that moment.
  • Tired of surface conversation? – Discover and join the art of conversation you can take with you anywhere, anytime.


Learn more about Ed and Mountain and Prairie here:

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