046: Leading with Love & Kindness with Scott Schmaren

Leading with Love & Kindness with Scott Schmaren

What if you could wake up tomorrow to a new life, what would you change?

Would you want to make more money, loose weight, be in a love, write a book, or…..

Is there something that has stopped you from doing it already?

In this week’s episode, my guest Scott Schmaren, shares the day that started a brand new life for him. After taking pills to kill himself and settling into his chair for what he thought was the end, to his surprise he woke up the next morning. He wondered if he was actually dead and the light was calling him but then he realized it was the next day and what happened from that moment, has changed his life and many others.

Scott Schmaren is a Neuroperformanceologist, an internationally known hypnotist, speaker, coach and author. He’s been on Oprah, the Daily Mail, and a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show. His process is being used to help cancer patients, children, and adults from all walks and areas of life.

His heart is full of kindness and love and his mission is to spread this for healing in the world. You’re going to love the wisdom and expertise he shares in our conversation and I can’t wait for you to listen. He’s so down to earth and funny too!

Here are some highlights:

  • Learn who your 3 best friends are on the journey of your life
  • Scott’s very public daily gratitude practice
  • Scott’s full story of his huge wake up call to live again
  • More details on Scott’s new book Diets are Bullshit: Ending the Insanity of Obesity
  • Scott’s stand to change the world through love & kindness
  • His new TED talk message on how to change the world
  • What can you do to change your life on a daily basis (it’s not what you might be thinking)

Please leave a comment and let us know what resonates with you. What are you walking away from this conversation with? What are you committed to in your own life?


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