Roadmap To Radiance

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It’s a thrill to be reading Camden’s first book. She is wise and has so much to share. Her radiance will add light to your life. I’m sure this is the first book of many, and as she writes in one chapter of a friendship that fit like a puzzle piece, so too will this book be part of a mosaic of radiant gems.

~ Jenny

This book is filled with words that are raw, vulnerable and convey a story of courage, love and strength. I was touched by the stories in a deep way because we all struggle and go through things in life that really suck. However, we have a choice to come through it and can use it to better this world and help others. Camden is truly an inspiration, which is why I highly recommend this book.

~ Anonymous

Roadmap To Radiance

Camden’s story is remarkable because of her raw vulnerability, and her courage to share in a not always pretty story in order to find her own truth, and also to help others find theirs. Whether you had a difficult childhood or a mostly positive one, we’ve all faced challenges. Camden’s story will inspire you to find your courage and embrace your vulnerability in order to get to a more fulfilling and connected life. It’s a quick and inspiring read.

~ Sara

From the back cover:

How many of us have found ourselves struggling to let go of pain and living in reckless extremes, just wanting to find the happiness in our lives? Roadmap to Radiance will take you on a journey from the darkness to the light, of letting go and standing in your truth. A voyage of your own evolution and metamorphosis.

Camden sheds all pretense and takes you on her raw intimate journey that illustrates how she transformed her insurmountable struggles into a life filled with adventure, love, prosperity, and service.

The catalyst for change started with the acknowledgement that only she could choose a new path, stop running, and let go of her secrets. Her vulnerability, humble wisdom, and inspiration stand out to make this a must read for those looking for the hope and reality of true transformation in their lives.

Author, speaker, life coach, yogini, wife, and mom, Camden Hoch has mentored and empowered hundreds of people to discover the resources within them that brighten, lighten, and ignite their soul to accelerate transformation in their lives.

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All I can say is … wow. It must have taken so much courage for Camden to write her story. I am humbled by the honest memories and emotions she shared, inspired by the power of her simple but effective words, and moved to want to strive harder and do a better job in my own life. If I had the courage, I would write as honestly and beautifully. But few people have that. During the whole book, I felt like I just wanted to give this kind soul a hug and tell her it would be ok, and that it was ok now. If you’ve ever struggled with depression, feelings of inadequacy, or trying to make things right that were out of your control, this story helps you feel that you are not alone. But it is also an exciting page-turner that is really hard to put down. I wish it had been twice as long.

~ Harold Kelley