004: Salty Truths with Salt Freedom

Ep 4 Salty Truths with Salt Freedom

I love interview conversations and learning more about someone’s journey into their true voice. It raises questions about how you’re living your own life, wisdom gained, and that you’re still on the path.

Aren’t we all!

I invite you to listen to my conversation with Salt Freedom and listen for yourself. Here are some questions we dove into together. There are some magic in the moment gems in this conversation. I can’t wait to hear what you think…be sure to leave us a comment and share.

Do you remember your 5 year ago self? What has changed since then for you? What is the same?

Who are you online and who are you showing up as in your life? Are they aligned and one in the same?

Is there a turning point in your life that has empowered your true voice? Vulnerable share by Salt here – we all want to be accepted, loved, and not bullied. What did Salt do when she was in her teens that was a major wake up call for her?

How do you answer this today “When I grow up, I want to be _________”

What do you want to be remembered for?

What is your daily spiritual practice for your lifestyle right now and what benefits do you see you receive?

Salty Truth: “heart conversion” – check out this conversation at 10:30 – “Sometimes we can know something in our head and not know it in our heart yet”.

What do you want to be remembered for? Salty Truth: “Slow to anger, quick to forgive” 44:22 Listen to hear more…

Candid moments with Salt about her role as a mom and her big dare to herself….44:50.

What is truth as it relates to your true voice? – 47 minute marker

You can learn more about Salt and Salt and Light Media through the following links:

Salty Truth – The Podcast

@SaltFreedom on Instagram


4 replies
  1. Salt
    Salt says:

    Thank you so much for this intimate interview on your amazing podcast Truth & Dare!! It’s such a blessing to be fully self expressed, fully heard and step fully committed into my mission!! You are a beautiful human, a fantastic friend and I am honoured to do life with you. Salt xx

    • Camden Hoch
      Camden Hoch says:

      You are so welcome Salt! So happy to share your mission and your journey with those who are joining us in this conversation. It’s a deeper unfolding of the Truth that is spreading the world right now. Thank you for your beautiful Salty Truths! XX


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