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037: For The Love Of Pets

Have you ever noticed that your pets find you just when you need them? You’re going through something, or you weren’t even looking for a new pet, or you were and the perfect new furry family member shows up – coincidence? – no way – they sensed you needed them. Did you know that 68% […]

036: Walking Wisdom with Antonia Malchik

Do you remember learning to walk? Have you watched a baby learn to walk? Have you walked mindfully paying attention to how your foot hits the ground, what you see around you, and how you engage with the world around you? Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you got impatient, in a […]

025: Do You Take Risks?

Can you remember the last time you took a risk? Do you find that you take the more known route rather than take a risk? In this episode, we’re breaking down Risk with a Purpose plus I’m going to share my technique for Vision Board. It’s all about wonder and curiosity while coming from what […]

011: Is Busyness A Spiritual Path?

Have you ever said this to someone when they asked about your day – “I was so busy” or “I was crazy busy”. While I realize, not everyone has said that, it is so common that I hear many times a day. What I know is that this word “busyness” can mean a lot of […]

Keto Truths with Ricka Baker

We’re having another life changing conversation over at Truth & Dare. Come meet my friend, Ricka Baker, founder of Love Kick, a company devoted to mentoring clients on health, wellness and accountability. Join us and find out why Ricka is called the keto lifestyle whisperer, wellness enthusiast, health guru, ass kicker, and love giver. This […]

006: Stability Truths with Meredith Cameron

In this episode, I get the opportunity to interview a very special friend and colleague who I met in a yoga class a few years ago when I moved back to the Bay area. Meredith Cameron is an international yoga instructor and the founder of Yoga Stability®. She leads international yoga retreats and is named […]

005: Emergency State of Mind

In this episode you’ll hear: What is an Emergency State of Mind, a New York State of Mind, and Peace of Mind? How do you know when you’re in an Emergency State of Mind and how to get out? What matters most to you and is your life aligned with these values? You’re bringing out […]

004: Salty Truths with Salt Freedom

I love interview conversations and learning more about someone’s journey into their true voice. It raises questions about how you’re living your own life, wisdom gained, and that you’re still on the path. Aren’t we all! I invite you to listen to my conversation with Salt Freedom and listen for yourself. Here are some questions […]

003: Don’t Tell

**This episode is not meant for a young audience** Is date rape different than rape? Why is it viewed that way by many? How do we as a world community get to a higher solution when so many have experienced so much pain and trauma? How to stand in your power, release your victim and […]

002: Diving into Your Dare

Dare is defined as “to have the courage to do something” (English Webster’s dictionary). Possibilities for your life are everywhere when you look at life through your inner eyes. Have you ever been on retreat to nourish, adventure, and dive deeper into your life? Learn more about the incredible Soul Radiance Retreat in Morocco recently […]