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049: Inward vs. Outward Gratitude

What does it feel like in your body to be thankful? What is the difference between Inward & Outward Gratitude? Can you embody them simultaneously? Join me this week for this episode of Truth & Dare to explore facets of gratitude and discover: Origins of the word gratitude Differences between inward and outward gratitude Benefits […]

048: Do you Inhale?

It seems simple, like a no brainer, right – of course, you inhale – how else would you be alive? But are you really ALIVE? Is your body fully getting the nutrients it need through your breath? Is your nervous system off the charts wigged out because of stress and shallow breathing? Do you feel […]

045: Do You Exhale?

Have you ever been watching a horror movie waiting for that jump scare moment and you realized you were holding your breath? What about being in a hurry to get to somewhere and you’re feeling rushed and out of breath? It’s that holding of the exhale breath. It’s getting stuck somewhere in your body. There’s […]

043: Finding Your Rhythm

Have you ever thought about how much energy it takes away from you trying to control something you have no control over? How would your day to day feel different if you could recognize when your rhythm is interrupted and how to easily find a new rhythm or center? What would it look and feel […]

042: What is Your Fear Telling You?

Is there a difference in the way you feel when there is fear when it shows up as a dangerous threat to your life compared to the fear of confronting something you can change? How do they feel different or similar in the mind and body? Which do you think is harder to face? On […]

041: Random Acts of Inspiration

Summer is done. Are you noticing the faster pace, more traffic, school back, meetings, and more? What’s the solution to connect in more to yourself and to others? I had this idea. The world needs more kindness and connection. Yep, you, me, and everyone else, plus furry beings, and the planet. You can still stay […]

040: Change Everything with Bowen Dwelle

Was there a time or situation in your life where you knew you were ready for a change? How did you know? Was it your creative spark of intuition that spoke to you in some way and you decided to go for it? Or was it a forced change you didn’t see coming? Now that […]