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077: How Is Your Body Experiencing The World?

Have you ever asked your soul “Soul, why did you come to live here in this body and world and what is the mission I came here to live?” Can you imagine what it would feel like to truly embody and know your true calling? How do you even know what your soul’s true calling […]

076: Everything Is Changing

Have you ever experienced an earthquake? That feeling in your body of not knowing where the ground is; everything is moving and changing; your heart is racing, and your knees are buckling. You may have gone through a real earthquake or something in your life that felt like this. Everything is changing. Do you feel […]

075: Balance during Stressful Times with Leah Marie

Have you been pushed so far in your life that the level of stress is beyond what you’ve ever experienced? How do you come back to a balance within yourself and continue to grow your life & dreams when everything is changing? My guest on Truth & Dare this week, Leah Marie and I talk […]

074: ‘Working Ahead’ with Lindsay Maloney

Do you ever feel like you’ll never catch up and you’re always behind in your business? Do you compare your success to others’ success and find yourself reliving past decisions feeling guilty and like a failure? My guest on Truth & Dare this week, Lindsay Maloney and I dive into the concept of ‘working ahead’ […]

073: From Stressed Out To Serenity with Padma Ali

Do you feel stress patterns that somehow keep finding you even though you’ve worked through and let go of them in the past? They keep showing up and you feel like you’re right back where you were stressed out, struggling, and wondering how you landed here again. My guest this week Padma Ali, LMFT, CPCC, […]

072: Is Magic Real?

Have you ever felt that sense of being in complete flow – in your body and in your creativity? You felt connected. You felt aligned with your soul’s inner radiance. Do you remember a time when you were little and you got so lost in something creative and wonderful that time was non existent? You […]

071: Are You Allowing or Are You Pushing?

On some days does it feel like you’re pushing your way through? You’re feeling the weight of change because each day there is something new to deal with and you’re just wanting your life back. I completely understand because we’re all sheltering in place. And we’re all experiencing this on a global level while creating […]

070: What Is Your State of WellBEing?

What does ‘wellbeing’ mean to you? What are you committed to ‘BEing’ in your life? Do you get sidetracked by circumstances? What are possible ways you sabotage your ‘wellbeing’? Another month in shelter in place and the self inquiry continues. How do you want to move forward? Are you asking yourself these questions or has […]

069: What Are You Questioning Right Now?

Everything is changing; everything… What questions are you asking yourself about your life, your marriage, your job, your business, where you live, and more? What questions are popping up about how leadership in your state and our country is handling the pandemic? There is so much change happening right now on a personal level and […]

068: Your Life Is A Sacred Journey?

What does living a sacred life mean to you? How do you connect to your heart when there is so much fear in your face through social, news, and other’s opinions of what’s happening? What resources do you have to support you? In this week’s episode, let’s keep it simple and return to the breath […]