Keto Truths with Ricka Baker

We’re having another life changing conversation over at Truth & Dare. Come meet my friend, Ricka Baker, founder of Love Kick, a company devoted to mentoring clients on health, wellness and accountability. Join us and find out why Ricka is called the keto lifestyle whisperer, wellness enthusiast, health guru, ass kicker, and love giver. This conversation will draw you in as we talk about inner growth, mothering, diets, sugar, mood swings, and keto. This conversation is all out in the open!

  • Learn about Ricka’s inner journey and how being INCONSISTENT kept her lost inside of herself for much of her life.
  • Ricka reveals the thing that stopped her in her tracks, put her in a new direction away from the negative space she was living day to day. She tried it at 16, was inconsistent, and now learn why it’s working.
  • Listen closely at 9:20 for her brilliant personal wisdom – “Those two things cannot share the same space. Spirituality and any kind of addiction.” Let us know what you think after you listen…share in the comments and let’s talk….
  • We talk self-love and self-compassion. What does it mean? Why is it so difficult for many of us to know what this feels like and how to even do it?
  • Why the sugar junkie wheel doesn’t work.
  • The ketogenic lifestyle and how you can explore what’s right for your optimal body and mind health. Ricka shares her fave keto podcasts with us so you can follow your curiosity to learn more. Plus check out her links below, follow her on social, and see what speaks to your healthy lifestyle.

Facebook: rickabakerlovekick
Instagram: @rickabakerlovekick

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    • Camden Hoch
      Camden Hoch says:

      Me too Olga! Ricka walked me through the Keto Sugar Detox and it was super helpful in curbing my sugar junkie! Plus I love Ricka! Thank you so much for tuning in to Truth & Dare and sharing here!


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