008: Incubation and Activation

Episode 8 Incubation and Activation

December is an interesting month. Do you dive deep inside
to reflection and incubation – OR – Do you jump in, close the
year strong and hit the ground running in 2019? Can you do

In this week’s episode, I invite you to explore with me….

  • Incubation and Activation
  • Yin and Yang
  • How to move with both the reflective and active
    elements of the holidays, the year endings, and the new
    beginnings in a way that doesn’t cause overwhelm.

I find this topic causes problems for so many at this time of
year and yet, December comes every year same time. How
do you make it work and not only make it work, but enjoy the
season, the endings, and the beginnings. I’m excited to hear
your thoughts after listening to the podcast so please share a
note with me in the comments and let’s talk about what
works and what’s not working. There’s wisdom here for this
community and together we raise awareness and can check
in with our intentions for the season.

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