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034: Have you ever had a vulnerability hangover?

Have you ever had a vulnerability hangover? What you believed might be an overshare whether in a 1-1 conversation, a video, or from stage? This week I’m exploring the art of conversation. I was inspired by James Baldwin’s quote I read in July’s Oprah Magazine: “In order to have a conversation with someone you have […]

033: Do You Crave Community?

What is community to you? Is it where you live? Do you have an online community you’re a part of? What if you didn’t have that community, what would be missing from your life? What role do you play in the community? Do you remember the phrase ‘it takes a village’? Each person contributes something […]

031: Love Life Insights with Veronica Grant

My guest this week is Love Coach, Veronica Grant. It was our first time meeting and we had a blast talking best dating apps, her crazy adventure in Tanzania, and how she helps her clients really discover love in their lives. Veronica has her own journey with dating and finding love in her life which […]

030: How to Surrender Without Giving Up

What are your summer plans? If you’re a parent, does summer stress you out? The kids are out of school; you’re working; there’s vacations planned; you’re feeling behind and you want to have some summer fun too – can you relate? How do you surrender some of what’s on your plate without feeling like you’re […]

029: Got Feminine & Masculine Energies

Have you ever thought about how your masculine and feminine energies are balanced within you? Do you have a flow of being and doing? Do you ever feel yourself wanting more community and connection with other women like yourself? What does the word “feminine” mean to you? On this week’s episode: We explore 5 facets […]

028: Authentic Living with Jessica Lee Harris

What if you could start your life over, would you do it? Do you secretly dream of having a do over in a part of your life but doing it very differently this time around? What would your life look like if you did start again? How would you be different on the inside? These […]

027: Personal Evolution with Ed Roberson

Have you ever had a chance meeting with someone and you instantly connected? Your conversation off the get go had a familiarity and curiosity that had you wanting to know more stories, vision, and passions of the person you were hanging out with. This was my conversation with my guest on this week’s episode. We […]

026: “Chakwaves” of Life with Jacquelyn Krieger

 I want you to join me and my kindred spirit, Jacquelyn Krieger for a rich conversation where we talk about the marriage of boundaries and flow; mom life on the ground; Schoolyard Earth; and her book “Chakwave: An Intentional Cleanse for Body, Mind, and Spirit”, plus more off the cuff crazy, great conversation. The […]