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026: “Chakwaves” of Life with Jacquelyn Krieger

 I want you to join me and my kindred spirit, Jacquelyn Krieger for a rich conversation where we talk about the marriage of boundaries and flow; mom life on the ground; Schoolyard Earth; and her book “Chakwave: An Intentional Cleanse for Body, Mind, and Spirit”, plus more off the cuff crazy, great conversation. The […]

024: Emotional Resiliency with Lisa Carpenter

Have you ever wondered how you got through some of the experiences you’ve had in your life? Whether it’s been a divorce, a marriage, having a baby, changing jobs, starting a new business – really any major transition. How did you navigate emotionally? What did you discover about yourself? What did you gain and lose […]

023: Creative Expression with Kevin Mirsky

Can you remember when you were a little kid thinking about what you wanted to be when you grew up? A doctor, lawyer, fireman/woman, whatever that might be. I even knew a boy when I was little who wanted to be a robber. He is not a robber by the way now but isn’t it […]

022: Balance Truths with Dr. Carmen Tekwe

Have you ever been sick or you didn’t feel great and you kept pushing? You kept going to work because you felt you would get behind if you didn’t? You ignore the signs. The signs that something isn’t quite right. You’re overwhelmed and you don’t know how to fix it so you keep going. This […]

021: Patrick Moore Truth & Dare

Meet my guest this week, Patrick Moore, now an Empowerment Self Defense Coach, after turning his back on a law degree, leaving the film industry as a stuntman, and finding his mission in empowering women and girls around the globe in how to stand in their power in voice, body, and mind. We could have […]

020: Is Your Yoga Class on Steroids?

Have you been to a yoga class that felt like you should be on speed to keep up? Did you adjust? Did you ride the chaturanga/up dog/down dog rollercoaster? Are we speeding up so much that instant gratification isn’t enough anymore? Remember when the internet first arrived and it was a miracle when it would […]

019: Do You Meditate?

In this week’s episode, you’re going to love the guided meditation so be sure to carve out some space for yourself to sit in a quiet space and breathe. Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before because you may be surprised about the experience (in a good way). We’re going to explore a question […]

018: Are You Living From Your Fears?

Do you ever feel like you have a rant in you? One that has to get it, but you can’t tell everything yet because there’s some things hanging in the wind. In this week’s episode, I’m solo. Remember the bumper sticker “shit happens”? Well, it does and what do you do when it does? Hide? […]

017: Mind, Body, & Soul Truths with Teawna Pinard

There were so many truth moments in this week’s episode, I’ve got to share a couple here that I thought landed so profoundly and please go listen for what touches your soul for sure. My guest this week is Teawna Pinard. She is my friend and is also a leading fitness and lifestyle expert.  Her […]

016: Do You Know Your Creative Flow

In this week’s episode, I’m solo. It’s me and you for this episode. Do you know when you’re in your creative flow? You know that space when you wake up in the morning ready to adventure the new day. Maybe you even lose track of time (kind of like when you were little doing what […]