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063: Is The Sky Falling?

What do you fear? Let’s get right to it – shall we. Is it not having enough food, water, toilet paper, dying? What is your biggest fear right now? Does fear drive you? Did you ever see an old movie where one of the perfectly normal characters was freaking out having an “out of body” […]

062: Do I Have To Do The Inner Work?

I love the phrase “DO I HAVE TO?” Did you ever say that as a kid? You know when your mom asked you to clean your room or take out the garbage, did you ever say – “DO I HAVE TO?” Like – it wasn’t really a question – you just thought you could get […]

056: Serve With Love with Tracy Harris

Do you have thought patterns that hold you back from doing things you know you’re meant to do in your life? You know – those thoughts like – ‘What if I commit to this and don’t like it?’ ‘What if I fail?” Or even ‘What if it’s a smashing success?’ These are some vulnerable thought […]

052: Getting To Know You

 How well do you know yourself? You know the song from the movie ‘King and I’ that Julie Andrews sings – ‘Getting to know you Getting to know all about you Getting to like you Getting to hope you like me’ What if you thought of these lyrics about you deepening your relationship with […]

051: Stay Aligned During The Holidays

How do you want to spend your time during the holidays? What are your intentions for the holidays? Do you have certain values that are important to you during this time of year? Have you found in the past that you didn’t stay aligned to your values and after the holidays you felt like shit […]

050: The Pause In Between

Have you ever thought about what your breathing habits are? What even is a ‘breathing habit’? Did you know that your breathing habits are like a tarot card reading of your present state of well being and your future quality of life? You might be wondering, ‘Can I change my breathing habits?’ Where does the […]

028: Authentic Living with Jessica Lee Harris

What if you could start your life over, would you do it? Do you secretly dream of having a do over in a part of your life but doing it very differently this time around? What would your life look like if you did start again? How would you be different on the inside? These […]

027: Personal Evolution with Ed Roberson

Have you ever had a chance meeting with someone and you instantly connected? Your conversation off the get go had a familiarity and curiosity that had you wanting to know more stories, vision, and passions of the person you were hanging out with. This was my conversation with my guest on this week’s episode. We […]

026: “Chakwaves” of Life with Jacquelyn Krieger

 I want you to join me and my kindred spirit, Jacquelyn Krieger for a rich conversation where we talk about the marriage of boundaries and flow; mom life on the ground; Schoolyard Earth; and her book “Chakwave: An Intentional Cleanse for Body, Mind, and Spirit”, plus more off the cuff crazy, great conversation. The […]

024: Emotional Resiliency with Lisa Carpenter

Have you ever wondered how you got through some of the experiences you’ve had in your life? Whether it’s been a divorce, a marriage, having a baby, changing jobs, starting a new business – really any major transition. How did you navigate emotionally? What did you discover about yourself? What did you gain and lose […]