015: Next Level Truths with Brigid Ward

Next Level Truths with Brigid Ward

And we’re continuing to share the LOVE worldwide this month and we’ll keep on going….

In this week’s episode, my conversation is with Brigid Ward, Founder of Brigid Ward & Co. Brigid is a marketing and business systems specialist and works with high level entrepreneurs who want to scale and market their business in order to reach their next level. She keeps it all going while her clients get to focus on their clients and all things creative in their wheelhouse. She handles it all and can I tell you – she is AH-MAZING and has honed in her professional gifts. How do I know this – because she is my ultimate COO and I am so grateful that’s why I wanted you to meet her too!

We don’t talk all professional here though; we talk about her marriage to her kiwi hubby, motherhood, and the loss Brigid has experienced in her life and how all of this has opened her up in huge ways to the flow of life. Her energy is vivacious and her voice is captivating. Come flow with us in this episode….

If you resonate with this episode, I’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. You can share here and I am happy to keep the conversation flowing.

Join our conversation and you’ll hear:

  • How loss can bring more openness in your life and nudge you to let go of fears you may be holding on to.
  • How Brigid found the aligned profession with her gifts and insights for you if you’re questioning that for yourself.
  • What’s it like to start a company from scratch
  • “What if I can’t sit for meditation, is it ok to lie down or do something else and meditate?” (listen to Brigid’s daily spiritual practice and see if you can relate)
  • Find out Brigid’s big Dares for herself in her life & business.


Find out more about Brigid here:
Instagram: instagram.com/brigidward
Facebook: facebook.com/brigiddward

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