016: Do You Know Your Creative Flow

Do You Know Your Creative Flow

In this week’s episode, I’m solo. It’s me and you for this episode.

Do you know when you’re in your creative flow? You know that space when you wake up in the morning ready to adventure the new day. Maybe you even lose track of time (kind of like when you were little doing what you absolutely love).

That’s where we are going to play in this episode plus you’ll hear:

  • What is Ikigai (please forgive me my pronunciation) and do you live it?
  • What takes you out of your creative flow and why do you lose it sometimes?
  • What to do to get it back and stay there?
  • What if you don’t even know what it is – where do you start to find out?
  • What do stillness and creative flow have in common?

Plus, a special invite to my upcoming free online event. It’s called the Inner Radiance Meditation Experience and it’s March 11-15th, 2019. I would love to invite you to join me. Click here for details and to join now.


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