017: Mind, Body, & Soul Truths with Teawna Pinard

Mind, Body, & Soul Truths with Teawna Pinard

There were so many truth moments in this week’s episode, I’ve got to share a couple here that I thought landed so profoundly and please go listen for what touches your soul for sure.

My guest this week is Teawna Pinard. She is my friend and is also a leading fitness and lifestyle expert.  Her online lifestyle and nutritional coaching services have influenced and motivated hundreds of women towards reaching their fitness goals. She’s also a mom to 3 little girls with the best smiles you’ve ever seen!

Teawna has been through what she calls “transitions that serve their purpose in their moment.” She had this fear of not having enough time (maybe you can relate?) and discovered a way to be more patient with the process as all these transitions were unfolding in her life. Her motto, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it will not change you!” – is how she lives her life and you’ll see how when you take us along with you today and listen to our conversation.

Here’s where we went together and what you’ll hear:

  • How commitment to something meaningful can be your rock through any life transitions big or small.
  • How do you find your true potential through growth?
  • Why baby steps are important in your self-evolution.
  • How and why your challenges are serving you more than you might think.
  • Finding the silver lining in everything.


You can find more about Teawna at www.teawnapinard.com as she releases her new fitness and lifestyle offerings.

You can also connect with her on IG and FB @teawna.legenderywomen and facebook.com/teawna.pinard

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