018: Are You Living From Your Fears?

Are You Living From Your Fears?

Do you ever feel like you have a rant in you? One that has to get it, but you can’t tell everything yet because there’s some things hanging in the wind.

In this week’s episode, I’m solo. Remember the bumper sticker “shit happens”? Well, it does and what do you do when it does? Hide? Rant and take positive action? What to do that/s in alignment with your soul’s values?

Here’s where I’m going and I invite you to ponder…

  • What do you do when “shit happens” in your life?
  • How do you affect bigger change when you know in your heart this is not just happening to you it’s happening for you and many others?
  • The steps of the Awareness Mastery Practice and how this can transform your every knee jerk reaction into a conscious choice (with commitment & practice).
  • Finding the silver lining in everything.

Please leave a comment so we can continue this dialogue and stay tuned for a follow up episode as soon as I can release more details (after court and other meetings). I believe “shit happens” and when it does, you have a choice to make it matter and be conscious about your choice or to let the fear of it take you over. It’s a process and it’s possible.

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