020: Is Your Yoga Class on Steroids?

Is Your Yoga Class on Steroids?

Have you been to a yoga class that felt like you should be on speed to keep up? Did you adjust? Did you ride the chaturanga/up dog/down dog rollercoaster?

Are we speeding up so much that instant gratification isn’t enough anymore? Remember when the internet first arrived and it was a miracle when it would pull up your search – you were willing to wait for it, wait for it. Fast forward to now, we want it to go quicker than ever, it can’t get fast enough. Are we becoming a culture of quantity and speed before quality and slow cooked?

I’m raising some questions in this episode and I want to know your experience and thoughts.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The business of yoga today and where do you practice
  • How to know if the pace of life is working with you or asking you to make a change in your life
  • How to get still through a simple breath cycle of inhale/exhale
  • How to stay in your personal power


NY Times Article on CorePower Yoga

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