022: Balance Truths with Dr. Carmen Tekwe

Balance Truths with Dr. Carmen Tekwe

Have you ever been sick or you didn’t feel great and you kept pushing? You kept going to work because you felt you would get behind if you didn’t? You ignore the signs. The signs that something isn’t quite right. You’re overwhelmed and you don’t know how to fix it so you keep going.

This is what happened to my guest in this week’s episode. As an Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Dr. Carmen Tekwe got her wake up call in 2014 but she didn’t listen to the first call. She kept going. She was still meditating and practicing yoga, doing all the right things, and the call came again.

This conversation will wake up sometime inside of you I’m certain. It did me and I feel like I live consciously and healthy – not perfect but I do my best. And there are those times when we all push, right?

Where does it stop or do you wait until it stops you? Our conversation is eye opening, easy, and raises some new awareness around the stale, numb phrase “work life balance”.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The new evolution of balance in life & work
  • How to know if you’re the one blocking your own way
  • Mindfulness as it relates to professionals & academia
  • How to use daily techniques to be “calmly balanced”


To learn more about Carmen: calmlybalanced.com/about
Balanced Living Mastery Retreat Click here to learn more.
To learn more about YAMMA click here.

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