024: Emotional Resiliency with Lisa Carpenter

Emotional Resiliency with Lisa Carpenter

Have you ever wondered how you got through some of the experiences you’ve had in your life? Whether it’s been a divorce, a marriage, having a baby, changing jobs, starting a new business – really any major transition.

How did you navigate emotionally?

What did you discover about yourself?

What did you gain and lose in the process of the change?

As a master coach and emotional resiliency expert, host of her Full Frontal Podcast plus being a mom, Lisa shares her emotional rides in life and what’s she’s learned, where she fell, how she got back up, and what she learned about herself emotionally along the way.

This conversation is for every woman for sure and if you’re a guy and you’re curious about how women think and grow, then it’s for you too. There is nothing off limits in this conversation. It’s up front and right from the heart.

In this episode:

  • How to become aware of judgement that may be showing up in your life and shift your perspective to wonder.
  • How to honor your next calling and your connection to purpose as a calling.
  • Discover ways to go deeper inside yourself for the answers to your calling of success for your life.
  • How to show up for yourself in your life and put yourself first and show up even brighter for others as a result.



Author of the #1 bestselling Amazon book
Let’s E.A.T!
Break the addictive cycle of dieting, lose weight and make peace with food and your body… for life

Host of the Full Frontal Living™ Podcast found on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and Anchor

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