025: Do You Take Risks?

Do You Take Risks?

Can you remember the last time you took a risk?

Do you find that you take the more known route rather than take a risk?

In this episode, we’re breaking down Risk with a Purpose plus I’m going to share my technique for Vision Board. It’s all about wonder and curiosity while coming from what you’re feeling not what you feel is lacking or what you want that you don’t have.

Plus, I want to help you get clear. What is something you want clarity on in your life right now? This is something I’m really good at.

I have been a certified trained life coach for over 10 years now. I was coaching before that but it was something that simply came natural to me so in 2009 I decided to take a risk and go for it to serve others on their path.

As a life coach, yoga instructor, and mom, my intuitive purpose is all about helping, connecting, and teaching. I love helping my truth seeker women discover and lead their feminine leadership path from their intuitive purpose so they have more joy ease, prosperity, and wonder space in their lives. I love being on the spiritual adventure journey with them and I’ve also worked with men who want to connect more deeply to their intuition as well. Did I tell you I love my life and this is what I get to do each day. Really?! Yes!

You’ll see a link below for a free call with me. Let’s talk and see your next steps to getting clear on what you want and how to have that in your life. Simply click and we’ll have a free call together. I really look forward to meeting you!


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