026: “Chakwaves” of Life with Jacquelyn Krieger

Chakwaves of Life with Jacquelyn Krieger

I want you to join me and my kindred spirit, Jacquelyn Krieger for a rich conversation where we talk about the marriage of boundaries and flow; mom life on the ground; Schoolyard Earth; and her book “Chakwave: An Intentional Cleanse for Body, Mind, and Spirit”, plus more off the cuff crazy, great conversation.

The title of this episode is “Chawaves” of Life because every day I believe we experiences “Chakwaves” or these creative currents through our life which energize us as the creators that we are (like shockwaves, right?!). What do you do with them? Do you honor them? Put them aside because you don’t have time? Let’s talk more…

You’re going to love Jacquelyn and her adventurous spirit. She describes herself as an artistic adventurer and expression explorer. You’ll definitely see this is true when you learn more about her roles as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur and how they all play together in her days.

For a more formal intro to Jacquelyn, she grew up on a ranch in Texas; graduated from the University of Texas with a film degree; moved to Hollywood to act and write; creates products like The Timeless Clock (link in resources); is a writer and co-founder of the Maker Mamas artist collective, Magic Box Film Productions, the Merry Muses, and Ladies Writing Society writing groups.

Seriously, this amazing woman is creative, fun, dedicated to feminine leadership, compassionate, and speaks her truth. Happy for you to chime in and share your questions and comments and let’s carry on the conversation together. The world needs each of us to live and speak from this deep place of truth for the continued expansion and positive evolution of the best of who we are. Come join us. The world needs you.

In this episode:

  • What does it feel like to have a marriage of boundaries and flow and how you can bring this into your life.
  • Is it possible to be seen on social media, keep a healthy boundary for your personal life while still be strong in your stand?
  • What is Chakwave and what’s the best juice for you.
  • Can you be true to yourself & your desires while also balancing the roles of marriage, children, and entrepreneurship?
  • Best tool for changing your perspective and seeing something from a different view.


To learn more about and follow Jacquelyn and Chakwave, check out the links here:





Want to try an inversion & change up your perspective? Here’s what’s referred to in our conversation:

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