028: Authentic Living with Jessica Lee Harris

Authentic Living with Jessica Lee Harris

What if you could start your life over, would you do it?

Do you secretly dream of having a do over in a part of your life but doing it very differently this time around?

What would your life look like if you did start again?

How would you be different on the inside?

These are some questions that came up for me while my guest and I were talking on this week’s episode. Jessica Lee Harris is a Whole Life Designer, Aura-Soma Practitioner, mom, and wife. She works with women to help them realign with their authentic self, their life’s mission and purpose and design lives they absolutely love to live.

So you may have guessed from her brief bio here – that in order to help women in this way, she has this training but also, most likely has experienced places in her life where she wasn’t living authentically. She can completely relate and she shares openly with us in this episode.

In this episode:

  • How Jessica’s past marriage broke her open to a new way of living and had her taking one of the biggest risks of her life.
  • What is Aura-Soma and how that has deepened Jessica’s understanding of her purpose and intuition and how it might spark yours.
  • Discover ways to honor yourself and your authentic calling and live it each day.
  • How to make a change in your life that can hit the “start again” button and you can do it differently and more authentic to you.


To learn more about Jessica and her programs, here is her website and IG jessicaleeharris.com
IG @wholelifedesigner

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