032: Leadership Insights with The Cheeky Dentist AKA Dr. Rachel Hall

The Cheeky Dentist

Talk about a leader, Dr. Rachel Hall seriously has devoted herself to becoming a better leader in her practice, her family life, and her own life. As we know, whatever journey you’re on, the journey has challenges, bumps, and bruises, mixed in the successes, the joys, and the profits.

Those ups and downs build us and help us become more of ourselves from the inside out. They help build our character and in turn our destiny. They contribute to our unfolding of our life.

Join our conversation to learn more about Rachel’s cheekiness, how she leads her dental practice from down under in Australia, and her thought leadership when it comes to leading and letting go of the micro management of having to do it all.

Secret: Having a successful, profitable business does not mean giving everything away including yourself – on the contrary – and Dr. Rachel is going to share her top advice on how to enjoy more freedom, profits, and mastery in your business whatever business you may have. And if you don’t have a business, these tools she shares can work in life every day too.

On this week’s episode here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to discover your natural skills and expand on them to have more success in your life
  • What it means ‘to live your life as your show’
  • Rachel’s Stop & Reflect System for personal & business growth
  • Top leadership books that propelled Dr. Rachel’s growth in her life and business
  • The Cheeky Dentist Podcast launching now
  • Why Dr. Rachel is inspired & compelled to help other dentists with business mastery, maximizing profits, and living a life they love
  • A key ingredient to Dr. Rachel’s success – shhhh – Systems – you’ll definitely want to know this whether you’re a dentist or not


Here’s where you can connect and learn more about Dr. Rachel, her podcast, her dental coaching, and more:


The Cheeky Dentist Podcast

Check out these books to learn the highest compassionate leadership practices:

“Multipliers – How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter” by Liz Wiseman

These 3 books are amazing from the Arbinger Institute are critical for every person and business for successful, compassionate, leadership practices:

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