034: Have you ever had a vulnerability hangover?

Have you ever had a vulnerability hangover?

Have you ever had a vulnerability hangover?

What you believed might be an overshare whether in a 1-1 conversation, a video, or from stage?

This week I’m exploring the art of conversation. I was inspired by James Baldwin’s quote I read in July’s Oprah Magazine:

“In order to have a conversation with someone you have to reveal yourself.”

Isn’t it true that what we give, we get back and then some. So wouldn’t it make sense that it also applies to how present and engaged you are in a conversation.

This is a favorite topic and teaching of mine because conversations weren’t easy for me when I was a kid and even as I got older. I was shy, not confident, and was afraid of saying the wrong thing and being judged.

Then something changed which you’ll hear more about when you join me for this week’s episode.

Let’s keep it going after you listen, please share your best conversation starter and also what you liked best about this week’s episode.

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • 5 Must Have’s of the Art of Conversation and how they apply both online and in person.
  • 4 Benefits of Conversation
  • Is social media changing traditional conversations for adults and how
  • How to engage in more meaningful conversations that help your personal growth, business skills, and level of daily happiness
  • How to know if you’ve had a vulnerability hangover
  • What exactly is a conversation


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