037: For The Love Of Pets

For The Love Of Pets

Have you ever noticed that your pets find you just when you need them? You’re going through something, or you weren’t even looking for a new pet, or you were and the perfect new furry family member shows up – coincidence? – no way – they sensed you needed them.

Did you know that 68% of US households have a pet?

I was brought up around pets starting from the womb. When I was born and fresh home from the hospital, my mom put me on the floor with her poodle, Beau, so he could sniff me, get to know me, and welcome me – although I’m sure if he’s like my dogs now, it took a while for him to welcome this odd looking little stranger to the family.

Our pets or as we call them, our furry children, are part of the family. Their individuality, their compassion, understanding, and unconditional love fill the spaces in our hearts and home with such joy, silliness, and protection.

Recently, we said farewell to our mini gray/tan/black dapple dachshund Pete, who was 13 years old. Boy was he an alpha male. He had the best doorbell bark, he said “I love you” in slow drawl barks to me and he loved us.

We miss him so much and it’s left an empty space in our family. Our other pets were with us when we said goodbye. We are all adjusting.

This week’s show is a tribute to Pete and a conversation about how dogs are so present to showing up for their humans.

In today’s episode, we’ll explore:

  • More about Pete and why he was so special to us and an incredible dog that was so wise
  • The benefits of having a pet join your family and what you could be missing by not having a pet
  • Research on pets and why they can bring more mindfulness to how you live your life
  • A healing mindful technique to acknowledge fear, loss, and grief instead of avoiding or compartmentalizing it
  • How living with your pet can hone your listening skills and help you enjoy more fulfilling relationships


To learn more about the benefits of loving a pet, click here.

For the farewell poems I read, click here.

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