038: Sitting With Change

Sitting With Change

You either love it or hate it – Change – how do you embrace or resist change in your life?

Change is the act or instance of making or becoming different.

In the states, kids are going back to school; summer is ending; and a new season is coming with all of its changes.

Change isn’t something you can resist or stop. It is the biggest constant in your life.

So why is it so hard in some cases to simply accept change?

What are we afraid of?

Is it your need to control or know what’s going to happen?

Is it the fear that something ‘bad’ is going to happen?

Do you believe that change can be exciting?

Do you welcome change?

This week’s show is all about change, transformation, and alchemy and ways to ease into them with more peace and awareness of each moment.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • 4 ways to ease into change with more peace & awareness
  • The mandala of your life is what you are experiencing & is your place of awakening
  • Similarities and differences of change, transformation, and alchemy
  • How to sit with change


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