How to Know Your Soul Space Better

What type of learner are you?

What type of action taker are you?

How about your partner? Your kids? Your team?

Do you get stuck in tasks that you just don’t want to do & then you feel rushed to get it done because you procrastinated?

How about you jump right in and once you did, you realized you forgot to ask some very relevant questions you needed to know to follow through?

So many scenarios – wanting to start something new but not doing it, having lots of unfinished or finished but not the way you wanted them creative projects around the office or house.

When will they get done? How? By whom?

This week’s show is focused on your soul space and how to know yourself better. What do you really want? What is most interesting to you? What are you curious about?

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • 4 categories of conative styles coined by Kathy Kolbe, authority on human performance & instincts
  • 4 ways we learn and how to identify yours
  • What is your soul space & how to listen to it
  • Specific questions you can ask yourself to get to know your soul space better & tap into your purpose through curiosity


Learn more about Kathy Kolbe, her methods, and programs here:

My gift to you if you’re ready to get curious about your purpose, dharma, and soul space. Download my Soul Space exercise for your next journaling ritual.

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