040: Change Everything with Bowen Dwelle

Change Everything with Bowen Dwelle

Was there a time or situation in your life where you knew you were ready for a change?

How did you know?

Was it your creative spark of intuition that spoke to you in some way and you decided to go for it?

Or was it a forced change you didn’t see coming?

Now that you’re through it, can you look back and see the signs it was coming but something was blocking your sight at the time?

This week’s guest on the show, Bowen Dwelle, is an athlete, writer, speaker, and coach. He’s been through changes, MAJOR CHANGES, and shares candidly with us the 3 messages he got through intuition the day he signed on the dotted line when he sold his company.

Bowen began his third career by dedicating himself to the unfolding of these 3 messages in his life. He is in his evolution as an athlete, adventure guide, paraglider pilot, and Creative-in-Residence at the Battery in San Francisco, and to his current vocation as a writer and coach.

Please join us in our conversation to learn more about:

  • The 3 messages that led Bowen to change everything in his life
  • How physical activity can awaken your creative spark of intuition
  • Why nature is the first & ultimate inspiration
  • Bowen’s perspective on “obsolete” and what may be “obsolete” in your life & you’re so ready to be done with it
  • What happiness really is
  • How Bowen, after living in anxiety & depression from his teens to his 40’s, is now healthier at 49 than ever before: what he did and how you can too
  • Bowen’s next Dare and his definition of Truth


To learn more about Bowen, his programs, appearances, blogs, and adventures, visit:

To connect with Bowen on social: @bowendwelle

Here are the books we referred to in our conversation (thought you might be looking for your next great read!):
This Naked Mind by Annie Grace
AntiFragile, the things that we can gain from disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Lost Connection by Johann Hair
Rogue River Journal by John Daniel

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