041: Random Acts of Inspiration

Random Acts of Inspiration

Summer is done. Are you noticing the faster pace, more traffic, school back, meetings, and more?

What’s the solution to connect in more to yourself and to others?

I had this idea. The world needs more kindness and connection.

Yep, you, me, and everyone else, plus furry beings, and the planet.

You can still stay on track with all you’re doing and connect and be kind all at the same time (without feeling overwhelmed.)

AND “those who are more compassionate may also be benefited by support, particularly during acute stress situations. In other words, to benefit most from other’s kindness we need to be ready with kindness of our own.” (Learn the full research study in this podcast episode).

This week’s show is focused on Random Acts of Inspiration and how you can change the lives of others and your life by compassionate gestures either simple of big.


Please join us in our conversation to learn more about:

  • What are Random Acts of Inspiration
  • How you can join our movement this month with our Random Acts of Inspiration Bingo – help others, feel great, and win spectacular prizes including free coaching with me
  • What does it mean to give and receive kindness


Here’s a great read for understanding more layers of compassion: A Fearless Heart, How the Courage to Be Compassionate Can Transform Our Lives by Thupten Jinpa, PhD (referenced in today’s show)

Here’s your Random Acts of Inspiration Bingo card for you to print and play with us this month. I’m excited you’ll join us and you’ll touch so many lives including your own! Click this link to download the bingo card.

If you’re a woman curious about what’s next, peace, space, your contribution, and soul space, come check out my digital sanctuary on FB – Peace Seekers & Space Expanders, click here to learn more and see if it resonates with you. This is an online digital sanctuary to de-busy and re-inspire your daily life. This sanctuary is guided by me and you’ll be joining amazing women on the journey as well. You’ll receive support, encouragement, empowerment, insights, & practices for your own journey.


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