042: What is Your Fear Telling You?

What is Your Fear Telling You?

Is there a difference in the way you feel when there is fear when it shows up as a dangerous threat to your life compared to the fear of confronting something you can change?

How do they feel different or similar in the mind and body?

Which do you think is harder to face?

On this week’s show, I’m breaking down how to recognize the fear that is present in your life and what it’s telling you.

Please join me in this conversation to:

  • Learn how to recognize the fear (maybe not so obvious)
  • What is “Honnolding” and have you done it without realizing you did
  • Jot down the next 3 documentaries on your watch list that can inspire you to move past your own fears
  • See fear as your friend (really?)
  • Recognize that fear can be a part of your personal growth and through community & working with a guide, you can move through it


Here’s the cool article about “Honnolding” and where it came from: nautil.us/issue/39/sport/the-strange-brain-of-the-worlds-greatest-solo-climber

To learn more about journeying and working with me in Awareness Collective – A Guided Pathway to Peace, Power, and Prosperity – click here

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