043: Finding Your Rhythm

043 Finding Your Rhythm

Have you ever thought about how much energy it takes away from you trying to control something you have no control over?

How would your day to day feel different if you could recognize when your rhythm is interrupted and how to easily find a new rhythm or center?

What would it look and feel like to focus on the possibility that a new rhythm brings to your life rather than focus on trying to avoid the inevitable change it brings?

Given the recent power outage in California and the various reactions I’ve been seeing and experiencing, I thought this would be perfect to talk about on this week’s show.

Sometimes we invite a change in rhythm like with travel, changing jobs, getting married and a myriad of others and other times (many!), these changes are unexpected.

In this episode’s conversation we’ll break down:

  • The 3 messages that led Bowen to change everything in his life
  • How physical activity can awaken your creative spark of intuition
  • What can interrupt your rhythm
  • Why & how to align to a new rhythm
  • Where fear plays a part
  • A prayer to support your clarity in any rhythm
  • Movie suggestions for a deeper dive into the topic of the rhythms of life and how they can encourage a bigger conversation on the evolution/expansion of humanity


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