045: Do You Exhale?

Do You Exhale?

Have you ever been watching a horror movie waiting for that jump scare moment and you realized you were holding your breath?

What about being in a hurry to get to somewhere and you’re feeling rushed and out of breath?

It’s that holding of the exhale breath. It’s getting stuck somewhere in your body. There’s a way to learn more about your exhale, where it’s getting stuck, why, and what you can do to get it unstuck.

In this week’s episode, it’s you and me and we’re going to explore:

  • Softening into your exhale breath
  • Why your exhale is important to your health & peace of mind
  • How your exhale can be connected to your voice
  • Widening your lens on life so you can see more clearly your solutions and next steps

Please leave a comment so we can continue this dialogue and stay tuned for a follow up episode on the inhale. We don’t want to leave out that very important part of the cycle.


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  1. Catherine Vega
    Catherine Vega says:

    I love this, especially because I have been practicing your breath teachings and meditation these past several weeks. The clarity that I gain with each breathing exercise is so refreshing. The exhale is amazing and I feel like I get all the crappy stuck air out when I push a few extra breaths out! One yoga teacher I had years ago when I was on a retreat in CT, said…….stop ripping yourselves off, breathe deeply”. How right she is! Love to you Camden.

  2. Ellen Paraiso
    Ellen Paraiso says:

    Hi Camden,
    This pod cast really helped me realize I have been holding my breath for a long time now.
    Going through a season of health challenges and injuries with 2 of my gils right now that has me holding my breath. This pod cast has opened my eyes to a new practice I’m starting now with the exhale. Thank you 🙂

    • Camden Hoch
      Camden Hoch says:

      Ellen, thank you so much for sharing and I believe you’re not the alone one who holds their breath. The key is that you have noticed it now and can begin and continue a practice of completing each exhale. Stay tuned for an episode all about the inhale too. Sending you love Ellen and thanks for listening to Truth & Dare! Happy it’s helping you in your life 🙂


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