047: Uncovering What’s In Your Heart with Nick Demos

Uncovering What’s In Your Heart with Nick Demos

Have you ever overcomplicated making a decision in your life because you were afraid of the unknown then felt the pain and discomfort of being in limbo unable to make a decision?

How did you uncover your way out?

On this week’s show, my guest is Nick Demos. Nick is a Tony and Olivier Award winner producer (Memphis, Come From Away), award winning filmmaker (Policy of Truth), and writer. Nick has also been a yoga practitioner for 20 years as well as teaching yoga, pranayama, meditation, and creativity for over a decade. He works with heart centered entrepreneurs to connect them with their intuition and creativity.

Nick’s personal journey has been about uncovering what’s in his heart and he walks with other creatives on this journey too. His wit, wisdom, and easy to be with manner will draw you in so you can listen and absorb what is meant for you to know about yourself. Your intuition will chime in and Nick gives some great tools for knowing which voice is your intuition and which voices are the ones that hold you back in your life.

Can you tell I’m excited for you to join us?! Take us with you today and let’s talk…

Here are some of our conversation highlights:

  • How do you want to spend the rest of your days on the planet?
  • Where the magic happens for you and what can you do to be present for it all
  • The real meaning of KISS
  • What is The Big 3 and how could doing that each day help you feel more ease in your day while accomplishing what you want
  • How to soften into life defining moments even if they’re super hard and gritty
  • What was it like for Nick winning a Tony Award (not what he was thinking was going to happen)
  • Your best life teacher and how to trust the process
  • Nick’s life altering takeaway from his 365 days of Gratitude on social on video

Please leave a comment and let us know what resonates with you. What are you walking away from this conversation with? What are you committed to in your own life?


To learn more about Nick, his programs, and join him for November for his Gratitude Challenge, check below for all of his information:


on IG, Facebook @thenickdemos

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