049: Inward vs. Outward Gratitude

Inward vs. Outward Gratitude

What does it feel like in your body to be thankful?

What is the difference between Inward & Outward Gratitude?

Can you embody them simultaneously?

Join me this week for this episode of Truth & Dare to explore facets of gratitude and discover:

  • Origins of the word gratitude
  • Differences between inward and outward gratitude
  • Benefits of gratitude
  • How to become aware of how gratitude feels in the body
  • What to do in moments of holiday tension to shift the tension to gratitude

A special Thanksgiving wish for you and I am so thankful that we are connected in our community. I celebrate your growth and expansion on the journey and our continued connection into the coming year!

Sending much love, peace, and gratitude : )


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