053: Clarity In The New Year

Clarity In The New Year

Do you despise ‘New Year resolutions’ as much as I do?

It’s not the intention part that I despise, it’s the ‘hit the ground running expectations’ that many fail at and then have you wondering – “Why do I even make resolutions in the first place?”

Could you be more committed to resolutions if you framed them in a new way?

What would it feel like to commit to yourself, where you’re walking on your path, and be open to the how showing up lighting the way?

Join me this week for this episode of Truth & Dare to:

  • Discover potent reflection questions you can ask yourself to be more clear with your commitments & intentions moving into this new year
  • Learn about how you can cleanse all realms of your life and being so you can look ahead with clarity about who you are, where you’re walking, and how to get there.
  • Set your own incubation space to re-emerge into 2020 rested, refreshed, and re-inspired to move at a pace aligned with your soul
  • Be intentional in starting your new year so you bring your strengths gained in 2019 with you (I’ll share an eye opening exercise with you in this episode)


If you’re ready to move into your new year with a deeper connection to your intentions and aligning with authentic truth, I invite you to join me for The 13 Days of New Year’s Cleanse & Clarity email program.

In this free 13-Day email program you’ll receive simple daily invitations to embrace the incubation of winter, to reflect on your authentic truth and set the path forward for 2020 to be perfectly aligned with… you : )

Click here to learn more details and join us on
January 1, 2020

I would love to journey with you!


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