054: Just Listen

Just Listen

In a world dominated by output and noise, how do you listen to the voice inside?

How do you know which voice is your truth?

What would it feel like to get to a place where you can be quiet and listen?

Does the thought of that make you nervous or excited?

Listening is a skill that is cultivated through practice.

How do you practice listening?

Join me this week for this episode of Truth & Dare to:

  • Discover 3 ways of listening that will connect you more deeply to yourself, your path, and purpose
  • Move through an experiential listening exercise in this episode to learn how to listen internally so you have more clarity and presence
  • Understand the embodiment of listening and how this practice can make a difference in every single part of your life including business, relationships, and connecting to your deepest desires
  • Come get quiet and come listen as we explore the trail of listening and where it can lead


If you’re ready to move into this year with a deeper connection to your intentions and aligning with authentic truth, I invite you to join me on a Connection Call to explore what you really want to experience in your life. You’ll leave with clarity of next steps and a plan for moving forward.

Click here to schedule with me.



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