057: What Will You Leave Here?

What Will You Leave Here?

When you leave here, what will you leave here?

When someone in your life that you love passes from this life, does it get you thinking?

Thinking about the meaning of life.

Why you’re here.

What you came here to express.

What meaning you are sharing by being you in this world.

To me life is about connection, growth, expansion, compassion, kindness, truth, love, and empathy.

I believe we are here to share this out loud with others, to embody it, and to sacredly live it from our hearts so others feel it when we speak and even when we are silent.

What do you believe about the meaning of your life?

Join me this week for this episode of Truth & Dare to:

  • Explore the meaning of life – for real
  • Clarify connection to your core values
  • How to powerfully share meaning by being you from your heart


An invitation to join me in my free FB online women’s sanctuary.



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