059: Hustle or WholeHEARTed Dedication

Hustle or WholeHEARTed Dedication?

What’s your relationship to time?

Are you often running late, caught in traffic, cursing yourself or the situation for making you late?

Do you embrace your ‘differentness’ or compare yourself to others successes of business or beauty that you see while scrolling your screen?

Do you feel like if you just did more or did it faster, all that you want could be yours and would stop eluding you…if only you had more Hustle…

But what if Hustle isn’t the answer, it’s actually the deterrent because you’re looking in the wrong place.

What if the answer had been with you the whole time and it was so obvious you didn’t even think to look there.

What if the answer was so simple and basic that it couldn’t be that. It had to be finding more money, more time for what you want to do, and of course, the right timing…more, more more.

What if I told you that what you’re hustling for is actually already a part of you.

In this week’s podcast we’re going deeper so you can free yourself from the hustle; so you can live with more peace of mind, so you can live more powerfully, and so you can live in more prosperity in your life.

Join me this week for this episode of Truth & Dare to:

  • Discover the real way to have all the desires and needs of your life met without hustle.
  • Learn the meaning of the Sanskrit term ‘asteya’ and how embracing the truth of this social ethic can turn your Hustle into WholeHEARTed dedication and change your life.
  • Examine your relationship to time and how to be truly present with what is without getting swallowed by what you fear
  • Be intentional with how you choose to live and express your true power in every day life situations
  • Pinpoint distractions that keep stealing life away from you so you liberate yourself to live more prosperity


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If you want to continue this conversation and truly live your most powerful and prosperous life, come join me in my free women’s FB sanctuary Peace Seekers and Space Expanders. The sanctuary is a sacred space to be with other women, encourage, empower, and expand your life. Click here to come meet me.


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