060: Reinvention From The Inside Out

Reinvention From The Inside Out

What does it mean to Re-invent yourself?

I believe it’s a conversation we start having in our 40’s and 50’s whether you’re a woman or a man.

Shit starts to really change.

You lose hair in places and grow hair in places. Your skin changes. You get shorter – what?

Your ideas change. What you want changes.

So how do you Re-Invent Yourself From The Inside Out?

Join me this week on Truth & Dare to:

  • Talk Re-Invention from a real inner perspective.
  • Get curious about your own Re-Invention an
  • Learn how you can join other women on this journey
  • How each year can bring it’s own wisdom if you’re open to seeing it.


I would love to invite you to the Re-Invented Online Retreat. I was invited by my friend and colleague, Dawn Grossart to be a contributor with other expert speakers.

We begin on February 25th and you can join us by clicking here or copy and paste the following link into your browser: dawngrossart.com/Reinvented-Hoch. I hope to see you!

Also, I would love to invite you to join my free online women’s sanctuary Peace Seekers & Space Expanders for more peace, power, and prosperity in your life. This is a sacred space of support, empowerment, and encouragement with amazing heart centered women! Click here to join.



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