062: Do I Have To Do The Inner Work?

Do I Have To Do The Inner Work?

I love the phrase “DO I HAVE TO?” Did you ever say that as a kid? You know when your mom asked you to clean your room or take out the garbage, did you ever say – “DO I HAVE TO?”

Like – it wasn’t really a question – you just thought you could get out of it somehow. There’s nothing wrong with asking, right? And yet, you knew deep inside before you even asked – “I’m going to do it.” You had that awareness.

That’s kind of how it is with inner work. It’s the only way to know who you are and what you want. If you’re living “outside in”, you’ve been doing it backwards.

This week’s episode is on fire with inspiration and insights!

Join me for this episode of Truth & Dare to:

  • Discover an incredible documentary about inner work that is a must watch
  • Why you MUST HAVE a COMMUNITY of support & encouragement to flourish in your own life
  • Learn 3 ways to live from the ‘inside out’ instead of the ‘outside in’
  • How to shine awareness on who you are, what you want, and how to create and an opportunity to learn more about how to enjoy your inner work in my women’s group coaching sanctuary, Awareness Collective.


If this episode spoke to you about your own journey and inner work process and you’re curious about my women’s group coaching sanctuary membership, Awareness Collective, click here to get on the waiting list as doors are opening at the end of March. We only open twice a year and this is a beautiful process of coming together to experience your life expansion in your next phase of you who you are.




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