064: Is Hypnosis Your Next Step To Raise Your Vibration?

Is Hypnosis Your Next Step To Raise Your Vibration?

As my guest and I started our conversation on this week’s episode, I start with the leading question:

“If we were meeting your 5 year ago self, who would we be talking to?”

My guest, Penny Chiasson, award winning professional hypnotist, international bestselling author, and entrepreneur got pulled out of her comfort zone in a major way 5 years ago and the trajectory of her life and what she thought was going to be completely changed.

Sound familiar? We are all being pulled into our ‘uncomfortable zones’ right now and there’s a myriad of emotions rising in everyone.

How can you ground during these uncertain times?

How do you find peace in the chaos when you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow?

What’s been your ‘go to’ practice for inner guidance and could it be that you’re ready for a new tool in your ‘inner work toolbox’ ?

What if you had the choice to not just get through this uncertain time but to actually feel more peace and freedom as you take each day as it comes?

Join me and Penny for this episode Truth & Dare to:

  • Hear Penny’s story of nurse and nurse anesthetist to award winning hypnotist assisting entrepreneurs & leaders in shifting subconscious beliefs that block their success.
  • Learn and ask yourself the one essential question that can change the trajectory of your life in a good way
  • Discover what hypnotism really is and it’s not what you might have heard before
  • Gain healthy tips about living in these uncertain times and not being overwhelmed with fear
  • Learn more about pain and what happens in the brain when you get stressed out about things you can’t control


Here’s where you can reach out to Penny. She has great resources, hypnosis, and is amazing at what she offers!

FB- www.facebook.com/GenesisHypnosisMS
LI- linkedin.com/in/pennychiassonbch

Penny Chiasson- penny@pennychiasson.com
URL: www.pennychiasson.com




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