065: How To Have Peace In Uncertain Times?

How To Have Peace In Uncertain Times

Whether you’ve been home in ‘shelter in place’ for a couple of weeks or a couple of days, I imagine you’re feeling moments of complete overwhelm and struggling to find peace as you try to manage yourself, your family, the meals, the laundry and all that you have on your plate.

You’re seeking peace. You’re seeking answers to what’s happening and how to be in these uncertain times. You’re seeking to get out of chaos and into more peace of mind.

I’m sharing this podcast episode to shed some light on how you can have more peace in these times and moving forward from here. It’s a road of transformation you’re on and by focusing in on what I’m sharing and applying it to your personal growth, you’re going to have an a’ha on having more peace in your life right now even with all that is going on right now.

This week’s episode is the first in a series of 3.

This week, I’ll be sharing about what it means to have more peace in your life right now and why it’s crucial to your immune system and well being for you, your family, and our world. In the next 2 episodes, we’ll talk about your true power/voice so you are stronger than ever instead of feeling you’re losing yourself even more. In the last episode in the series, we’ll talk about prosperity and what it means to be living in prosperity moving forward and how can you focus on that now to keep from going to a place of lack and fear.

The awareness of how you awaken to and embody these 3 pillars of peace, power, and prosperity are essential in how you move forward in these uncertain times and will affect everything in your life from how you do business to how you are in your relationships. These are foundational to tapping into your inner guidance system of intuition and living from this wisdom as a leader for your life, your children, and our global neighborhood.

You’ve been given the loving ‘big’ nudge to get off the fence and live your life from your truest, most vibrant self. We all have. We will make a difference as we empower each other by embodying our truest selves! It’s time for us to do this together!


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