066: How To Embody Your True Power In Unsettling Times?

066 How To Embody Your True Power In Unsettling Times

How to be in unsettling times?

There’s so much to take care of – family, homeschool the kids, your partner, groceries, and so much more.

Have you been asking yourself:

“Where do I start and end right now with what I need?”

“What are my boundaries for what I can do and what I want to do?”

“How do I embody my voice/power at a time like this when others are suffering?”

Consider what your life will be like as the pandemic passes if right now you devote your time to growing personally and cultivating your true voice…

This week’s episode is the 2nd in our wisdom leadership series and this conversation is about your true power and self expression.

Join me for this episode of Truth & Dare to:

  • Learn what it is to be out of your personal power and what it is to be living aligned with your personal power
  • Discover ways to cultivate your personal power
  • Learn 3 steps to identify and release any obstacle standing in the way of what you want to create in your life so you can choose to be free to move forward.


If this episode, I shared about my women’s group coaching membership, Awareness Collective. We only open twice a year and this is a beautiful soulful journey of women expanding in their individual lives and also in a collaborative way. This is a new era of feminine leadership of peace, power, and prosperity.

Please click here for more details if you’re feeling the call for deeper connection to who you are and living the desires of your heart with a like minded soulful community of women.

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