067: Manifesting Prosperity In The Pandemic?

Manifesting Prosperity In The Pandemic

If you trusted everything was always working out for you, how would you live your life differently right now?

How can you create prosperity when you’re in quarantine?

How can you connect to prosperity in a time where there is so much being taken away from so many; job loss, death, and fear of losing all the ways life used to be before the pandemic?

In this week’s episode, the final in our wisdom leadership series, our conversation is centered on prosperity consciousness and how you can align your energy and inner truth to manifest prosperity in these uncertain times.

Join me for this episode of Truth & Dare to:

  • Learn ways to connect to prosperity consciousness and feel more peace and alignment in your life
  • Discover what you need to more deeply connect to who you are & the desires you want to live in your life
  • Listen to your heart for your next step to manifesting prosperity in your life even in this pandemic


If this episode, I shared about my women’s group coaching membership, Awareness Collective. We only open twice a year and this is a beautiful soulful journey of women expanding in their individual lives and also in a collaborative way. This is a new era of feminine leadership of peace, power, and prosperity.

Please click here for more details if you’re feeling the call for deeper connection to who you are and living the desires of your heart with a like minded soulful community of women.

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