069: What Are You Questioning Right Now?

What Are You Questioning Right Now?

Everything is changing; everything…

What questions are you asking yourself about your life, your marriage, your job, your business, where you live, and more?

What questions are popping up about how leadership in your state and our country is handling the pandemic?

There is so much change happening right now on a personal level and a global level, where are you right now?

Are you restarting your life and back to work with new intentions?

Are you still home in shelter in place wondering what’s going to happen next?

Wherever you are – asking questions and checking in with your own heart is a grounded place to begin your next step forward…

In this week’s episode, we’ll have a conversation about:

  • What’s really true and how do you continue your self inquiry from a place of peace
  • Is it time to question (even more) what’s happening in your community
  • What can you do to peaceably and compassionately affect change
  • How do you know what’s true?



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