071: Are You Allowing or Are You Pushing?

Are You Allowing or Are You Pushing?

On some days does it feel like you’re pushing your way through? You’re feeling the weight of change because each day there is something new to deal with and you’re just wanting your life back.

I completely understand because we’re all sheltering in place. And we’re all experiencing this on a global level while creating a new rhythm. You’re not going to yoga classes, attending workshops or retreats, and your life feels like ground hog day and a time warp combined. Everything has been turned upside down.

On top of things you already take care of, you’re busier in some ways than you were before the shelter in place. You might be home schooling your kids, you’re together all the time, or you’re working remotely and on more zoom meetings than ever before – it’s hard to find the ‘me space’ just for you. You’re doing a lot and it’s overwhelming many days.

It’s hard not knowing about your job or business.

It’s hard not knowing if your child will go back to school.

It’s hard not knowing what’s true.

It’s hard not knowing what’s ahead in your life.

Everything you’ve known will be different moving forward. I believe this is a good thing because our earth needs us to shift. And this shift within us will first come from inside. You make a difference and it’s the deep inner work that you’re doing that will not only transform your life but also our collective community and how we come together moving forward. Your strong heart and truth is needed more than ever in this world right now.

You get to invite and allow a fresh perspective. You get to enjoy new practices to spark curiosity plus a new clear opening to your heart. This leads to you gaining more clarity and creativity as you continue to shift with courage, confidence, and resilience in these changing times.

How does this fresh perspective happen – through daily spiritual practices with guidance. We’ll explore more in this week’s episode and I’ll guide you through a meditation I recorded specifically for you. Let’s move forward together in this process of knowing the balance of allowing and pushing so moving into this new rhythm you feel grounded and ready to allow the next steps in your life.

In this week’s episode:

  • What it means to bring your attention to the NOW – Atta in Sanskrit
  • I’ll guide you through the Illumination of the Heart meditation to open your heart to listening to a fresh perspective in moving forward in your life
  • How to find balance of allowing and pushing
  • How you can source guidance moving forward diving into your inner work


I invite you to check out The Sacred Lifestyle Collection for resources and guidance as you move forward creating the new rhythm in the next phase of your life.

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