072: Is Magic Real?

Is Magic Real?

Have you ever felt that sense of being in complete flow – in your body and in your creativity?

You felt connected.

You felt aligned with your soul’s inner radiance.

Do you remember a time when you were little and you got so lost in something creative and wonderful that time was non existent?

You were authentically real and you in those moments and there were no barriers or masks covering up who you are.

You were immersed in the magic – the flow of life.

It felt pure. You were free.

Then as you got older, life got complicated by experiences, patterns & stories then took form in your mind and body.

They influenced how you made decisions, how you judged your life a success or not, how you interacted in relationships with others and with yourself.

These patterns and stories changed who you were.

But not really. They were only a mask that you wore. Maybe several masks covering up who you really are.

Maybe you realized you could take off the masks and choose to be who you truly are.

Maybe you’re still shedding some of those masks.

Maybe you don’t even recognize some of these masks you’re wearing because it’s too hard to see.

What would it feel like to be free from these masks and live the magic again and flow with life like that time you remember when you were younger? Maybe even more free and wise. What would that feel like?

In this week’s episode:

  • What causes us to put on masks and cover up who we really are
  • How to take off the masks covering the real you and live from love not fear
  • How to face anything, even what you’re most afraid of, and set yourself free to live in flow
  • Getting curious about a new rhythm in your life and how to make changes step by step with more compassion for yourself and others


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