073: From Stressed Out To Serenity with Padma Ali

From Stressed Out To Serenity with Padma Ali

Do you feel stress patterns that somehow keep finding you even though you’ve worked through and let go of them in the past?

They keep showing up and you feel like you’re right back where you were stressed out, struggling, and wondering how you landed here again.

My guest this week Padma Ali, LMFT, CPCC, shares personal insights about her life as an over achiever, mom, meditator, and wife. Padma is an Energy Alignment Coach helping stressed overachievers find clarity, take aligned actions to create greater impact. She created her unique powerful modality called the N.E.W You Blueprint combining neuropsychology, energy healing, and wisdom to create transformation.

Our conversation is full of real life wisdom you can immediately walk away with and practice in your life to feel more serenity and peace from within yourself, especially during these changing times where you just need to feel your feet on the ground and feel clarity in your soul.

In this week’s episode you’ll discover:

  • The N.E.W. You Blueprint and how it can help you release struggle in your life
  • How Padma faced her recurring stress patterns and how her children have been a catalyst for her personal transformation
  • How you can release stress through clearing energetic patterns
  • Padma’s share on why “From Truth Comes The Dare”
  • How you can create more impact when you let go of the struggle and align with your truth


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