075: Balance during Stressful Times with Leah Marie

Balance during Stressful Times with Leah Marie

Have you been pushed so far in your life that the level of stress is beyond what you’ve ever experienced?

How do you come back to a balance within yourself and continue to grow your life & dreams when everything is changing?

My guest on Truth & Dare this week, Leah Marie and I talk about how to regain your balance even when everything in your life is changing and you haven’t been able to find your center.

Leah Marie is a life long learner like you and I. Her knowledge as a Stress Management Coach, Reiki Master, and Certified Chopra Instructor specializing in Ayurveda combined with her personal life altering experiences has gifted her the ability to help her clients shift majorly in their lives. She works with entrepreneurs and executives in finding balance and solutions while reclaiming themselves personally. Her NDE (near death experience) was integral in shifting her own life and sparked a 10 year journey of self discovery and growth. Her story is incredible and I know you’ll find wisdom in our conversation.

If you’ve been going through stress and you’re ready to come out the other side knowing yourself more, reclaiming a balance in your life, and get excited again about living your dreams, you’ll definitely want to join us in this week’s conversation.

In this week’s episode you’ll discover:

  • Tools for stress management so you feel more centered, awakened to your growth, and balanced
  • Holistic approaches to balance recovery and releasing stress
  • Details of Leah Marie’s NDE and how that relates to your life right now
  • How you can awaken and move through stressful times gaining more understanding of sustainable solutions in your life so you feel more creative and resourceful


You can reach Leah Marie via the following:


Social Media Handles:

FB: @LeahMarie999
Twitter: @MindHealthCoach
Instagram: MindHealthCoach
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/in/leah-marie-chlc-cdp-0b951b12

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