077: How Is Your Body Experiencing The World?

How Is Your Body Experiencing The World?

Have you ever asked your soul “Soul, why did you come to live here in this body and world and what is the mission I came here to live?”

Can you imagine what it would feel like to truly embody and know your true calling?

How do you even know what your soul’s true calling is?

What if you became friends with your intuition and even your fear, how would you move forward differently in your life than you are right now?

In this week’s episode:

  • We’ll dive deeper into how to connect & listen to your intuition
  • Learn about 3 ways to listen
  • What does true listening require
  • What are barriers to listening
  • How to listen to your body through intuition and how can this help you to trust yourself more as you make decisions in each part of your life
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  1. Mary E Weddle
    Mary E Weddle says:

    I enjoyed today’s podcast. It was a reminder for me the need to evaluate more when ego or Divine knowingness is in place. Or, how it may bounce back and forth depending on the moments and what is happening in them.
    When fear or disappointment arises, I am learning to step out of the picture and relax, breathe, affirm the positives, and pray. Stepping out for me means going to a private place or even laying in my bed in thought and/or reading from spiritual writings. This is somewhat new for me because my inner voice is always trying to tell me that I need to be doing and accomplishing. My adopted inner voice tells me that nothing is enough or good enough. In the past, this has run my body down with adrenal exhaustion, weigh loss, Epstein Barr and increased pain in a facial nerve condition. So, I listen now. Not always at peace with the slow down message, but I work on it and am more aware of the physical/mind connection.


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